Whats new with me?

7 01 2011

Hey there, haven’t been on this site in a while. I’m up on eric-richardson.com now, and I’m writing for Radio Android, so if you want to check those out, feel free. Radio Android especially, it’s an amazing source of information from the heart of the Android Community!

Other than that, I think it may be time for another DC Android Meetup….


Who wants a new Samsung Device? Come to the DC meetup!

11 10 2010

Want some more incentive to come to our little DC area Android Meetup? How about a new phone? I know you love those! Courtesy of our friend @theDroidGuy, we’ll be giving away a free brand new Samsung Android device to one lucky meetup-goer, so strap on your lucky boots, and head to the Nations Capitol and meet some good people and have some fun.

How better to spend your Saturday than to spend it with some like-minded tech folks? Who else is excited about this? I know I am!

Ever stared at some geo-coordinates in the pale moonlight?

9 10 2010

To make the information on the DC meetup complete, we have the precise, satellite guided coordinates where we’re going to meet up for our first DC area meet-up!

38.891141,-77.042892 are the standard GPS coordinates OR, if navigating from your Android Phone, enter n 38 53 28.108 w 77 2 34.411 and that’ll point you in the direction 🙂

Be there or be an iPhone lovin’ communist tree hugging hippie. Unless you’re into that, then more power to you! Looking forward to meeting up with everyone!

More DC Android Meetup information!!

5 10 2010

Hey everyone, as of now we have times, dates, and locations all set for the #lilDCAndroidMeetup! October 16th, at 2pm! We’ll be meeting up at the mall in DC (If you’re inside a building it’s the wrong mall). You can come out and check out some National Landmarks while you’re here or stare deeply into your Android phones pixels, but we’ll be there to have some fun, and share the Android love.

We’ll be headed to Capitol City Brewery for a little food, drink, and socializing after getting to meet everyone, followed by @Dr_Cloverdale jumping the White House fence to try and Seduce the First Lady. I can almost hear the sirens now. But it’s ok, He’s a Doctor!

So you already knew the date, and now you know the rest. Bring yourself out and have a good time with good people! Also, if you want, leave a comment and let us know what device you have.

D.C. Area Android meetup – Oct 16th

28 09 2010

Hey all! If you’re in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area, I just wanted to let you know that we’re planning up an Android meet-up on Oct 16th. Where exactly isn’t ironed out, but we already have a killer crew coming including some favorites @thedroidguy, @RussellHolly, and @CynikalOptimist from www.thedroidguy.com, as well as the good doctor himself, @dr_cloverdale, who will be there to give CPR and the Heimlich to whoever needs it, whether you fake it or not.

So come out and join us for the festivities in the Nations Capitol for some Android fun! We’ll be sure to tweet when the final details are all ironed out, including giveaways and such that we have planned. So stay tuned, and get your Android gear out.

So get the word out, and let’s get to socializing.

Android Games are definitely getting better

18 09 2010

Well the past couple weeks has been a huge high point for Android gamers. EA said they’d bring some games to the Android Market, Angry Birds beta was dropped and is at this very moment, making a great number of normally productive people bird flinging zombies, and finally Openfeint started their tour de force into the Android world.

I must say, Fruit Ninja is insanely addictive. So is Mini-Squadron. Both are top notch games and if you have even an inkling of gamer inside you, you should check them out.

Slicing through fruit has never been this fun.

Review Phones

12 09 2010

Let me just say this… review phones are awesome. I have this Epic 4G review phone, and man is it nice. Not only because it’s a nice phone, but also because I can sit here and tether it without beating up the battery on my Droid X.

It really is a nice phone though. I posted a review of it over on theandroidblog.com and overall it’s just a great device. I’m still a little partial to the Droid line over at Verizon, but for a non-Droid phone, I like it. I got to play around with Qik doing video calls and the 4G on the phone (even though I had to drive further into the city to actually get a 4G signal).

So three cheers for review phones!