Ever stared at some geo-coordinates in the pale moonlight?

9 10 2010

To make the information on the DC meetup complete, we have the precise, satellite guided coordinates where we’re going to meet up for our first DC area meet-up!

38.891141,-77.042892 are the standard GPS coordinates OR, if navigating from your Android Phone, enter n 38 53 28.108 w 77 2 34.411 and that’ll point you in the direction 🙂

Be there or be an iPhone lovin’ communist tree hugging hippie. Unless you’re into that, then more power to you! Looking forward to meeting up with everyone!


D.C. Area Android meetup – Oct 16th

28 09 2010

Hey all! If you’re in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area, I just wanted to let you know that we’re planning up an Android meet-up on Oct 16th. Where exactly isn’t ironed out, but we already have a killer crew coming including some favorites @thedroidguy, @RussellHolly, and @CynikalOptimist from www.thedroidguy.com, as well as the good doctor himself, @dr_cloverdale, who will be there to give CPR and the Heimlich to whoever needs it, whether you fake it or not.

So come out and join us for the festivities in the Nations Capitol for some Android fun! We’ll be sure to tweet when the final details are all ironed out, including giveaways and such that we have planned. So stay tuned, and get your Android gear out.

So get the word out, and let’s get to socializing.

Android Games are definitely getting better

18 09 2010

Well the past couple weeks has been a huge high point for Android gamers. EA said they’d bring some games to the Android Market, Angry Birds beta was dropped and is at this very moment, making a great number of normally productive people bird flinging zombies, and finally Openfeint started their tour de force into the Android world.

I must say, Fruit Ninja is insanely addictive. So is Mini-Squadron. Both are top notch games and if you have even an inkling of gamer inside you, you should check them out.

Slicing through fruit has never been this fun.

Review Phones

12 09 2010

Let me just say this… review phones are awesome. I have this Epic 4G review phone, and man is it nice. Not only because it’s a nice phone, but also because I can sit here and tether it without beating up the battery on my Droid X.

It really is a nice phone though. I posted a review of it over on theandroidblog.com and overall it’s just a great device. I’m still a little partial to the Droid line over at Verizon, but for a non-Droid phone, I like it. I got to play around with Qik doing video calls and the 4G on the phone (even though I had to drive further into the city to actually get a 4G signal).

So three cheers for review phones!

Ahhh, Linux, how I’ve missed you

5 09 2010

After a very long time without using Linux, I felt that itch again. I still have Ubuntu 10.4 as a dual boot on the computer, and it always seemed like everything Android related just works so much better on it. So that was that. Redo my whole Linux setup on the laptop.

It was actually more involved than I remember, but it all came to me pretty quickly. The main reason for using Linux was of course developing for Android, so getting the SDK and eclipse all set up was my first priority. The bad part? I was doing this all from a tethered Android phone.

Everyone knows that 3G isn’t the fastest connection around, but it’s by no means slow. At least not compared to dial-up I guess… Anyways, yeah, downloading all the sdk components was definitely excrutiating experience, but I survived.

It made me wonder though, how long until there’s a Java program that runs on an Android phone? Is it possible? It wuld be great to create apps and all rght there from your device. The screen would be small, and the text input would probably be iffy, but would it work?

So after that tangent, I’m happy to be back on Linux. Maybe I can actually focus and learn some Java, and maybe make some Android apps!

So it’s been awhile

3 09 2010

If you haven’t, definitely go check out theandroidblog.com for some great news and articles regarding android. We are also a proud sponsor of radioandroid, so go check them out as well and listen to Scotty Browns awesome podcasts.

Its been a busy few weeks for myself, between classes, trying to teach myself java, and writing for theandroidblog, I have been going in overdrive. Just got in my sprint Epic 4G for a review, so keep an eye out for that one.

Also, as always I have to throw in my support for these great android developers. Make sure you show them some support and click those ads. And as always, please don’t pirate apps. It hurts the community more than you probably think.

Writing for an actual Android blog now!

13 08 2010

So I came across an excellent opportunity with http://www.theandroidblog.com, so I’ll be writing for them! The site itself is well done, and we’ll be getting review phones from a number of carriers and manufacturers, so make sure you check it out and stay up to date with the latest Android news and articles.