I am Android

21 02 2011

I am Android is live! Hey everyone, as many of you know, I am Android is a new Social Networking platform I’ve launched with a lot of help from the Android Community. It’s been live since about 3am on the 18th of February, and boy has it gone way beyond what I ever imagined it being! All thanks to an awesome An

The New Social Network for Android Users, iamandroid.co.


A Office-less Life: Working from the cloud

11 02 2011

Getting a new laptop made me think about options for working with documents. I’ve been a Microsoft Office guy for the last 15 years and I’ve gotten used to the entire suite, but with a new laptop I think it’s time for a change. I’m pretty heavy into spreadsheets for clients, word documents for school projects, and powe

making the switch to Cloud based productivity apps! From http://eric-richardson.com

AnsBeerTV’s Big Valentine Special! 7 Different Beer paired with Delicious Chocolate Cake

11 02 2011

AnsBeerTV Valentines Days Special Beer and Chocolate Cake pairings with Richmond, VA’s own Jennifer Quinn, from bee dazzled cakes, LLC. This is a two parter, and features 7 great brews, all paired to Jennifer’s amazing Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence Cake.

Good Beer Review, pairing a whole bunch of craft brews with a awesome looking cake.


Xoom: The Price of Technology

7 02 2011

My Twitter Timeline tonight during the Super Bowl was full of fun. Everything from Football to Kim Kardashian to… the Xoom. The Xoom commercial was great and, in my opinion, spot on to where I think Motorola was aiming as far as Market Targeting goes. No there weren’t any technical specs strewn about in the commercia

My First Unboxing! Asus G73JW-XN1

29 01 2011

Ok so this is probably the worst unboxing ever since it’s almost 2am and I’m using my Droid X… and I didn’t even bother to edit it. So without further adieu, here’s my unboxing of Asus’ G73JW-XN1.

Congratulations to Mekong!!

28 01 2011

Here in Richmond, there’s a few places to go grab a beer. Then there’s Mekong. Mekong has long been known to be one of the greatest beer spots in Richmond, with an immense selection of brews to choose from, ranging from normal Budweiser to the rarest Belgian ales you can imagine. The Selection is just…. Ginormous. It

Congrats to Richmond, VA’s Mekong Restaurant for making the top 25 in RateBeer.com’s top 100 Best Beer Restaurants in the world!

Damn you HP, Hello Asus.

27 01 2011

This is the old laptop

So I use my laptop. A lot. It’s a pretty essential piece of equipment for me. Seeing as I’m usually mobile to do video shoots or working on the go, I’m useless without a laptop. At least professionally. So the othe

A little about my computer problems. Can’t wait for a Tablet to stop using the laptop so much.

-Eric Richardson