More DC Android Meetup information!!

5 10 2010

Hey everyone, as of now we have times, dates, and locations all set for the #lilDCAndroidMeetup! October 16th, at 2pm! We’ll be meeting up at the mall in DC (If you’re inside a building it’s the wrong mall). You can come out and check out some National Landmarks while you’re here or stare deeply into your Android phones pixels, but we’ll be there to have some fun, and share the Android love.

We’ll be headed to Capitol City Brewery for a little food, drink, and socializing after getting to meet everyone, followed by @Dr_Cloverdale jumping the White House fence to try and Seduce the First Lady. I can almost hear the sirens now. But it’s ok, He’s a Doctor!

So you already knew the date, and now you know the rest. Bring yourself out and have a good time with good people! Also, if you want, leave a comment and let us know what device you have.




4 responses

5 10 2010

im excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………… where on the mall will we be at?

5 10 2010

Hmm… Good question. Should map a coordinate in maps and have to GPS there. lol.

5 10 2010
Mark Powell

Richie97 that is a great idea. I love any chance to use geo tracking. See you there 😉 Droid 1

16 10 2010

GPS coordinates? Now that’s just not fair to us Galaxy S owners! I suppose I can use the cell towers to triangulate the location of my fellow Android nerds.

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