Review Phones

12 09 2010

Let me just say this… review phones are awesome. I have this Epic 4G review phone, and man is it nice. Not only because it’s a nice phone, but also because I can sit here and tether it without beating up the battery on my Droid X.

It really is a nice phone though. I posted a review of it over on and overall it’s just a great device. I’m still a little partial to the Droid line over at Verizon, but for a non-Droid phone, I like it. I got to play around with Qik doing video calls and the 4G on the phone (even though I had to drive further into the city to actually get a 4G signal).

So three cheers for review phones!


The State of the Android

1 08 2010

Here we are, with wide scale releases of Froyo (android 2.2) set to drop, not only on the Sprint Evo 4G, but also Verizons line of Droid devices, and I can’t help but wonder what’s next. After my time with Froyo on my rooted Droid, I know that 2.2 is easily the biggest upgrade to android, performance-wise, since its inception. Everything is just so much faster with a little frozen yogurt on board, not to mention the multitude of other fixes included. I have a feeling that users of the original Droid are going to be extremely happy with this update.

But still, what’s next? We know gingerbread is on the way late this year, with the promise of a retooled ui. I have a feeling after gingerbread, the android development cycle will slow down considerably from the breakneck pace its kept this past year or so. The big players in the android space: evo, droid, droid x, droid incredible, nexus one, the galaxy s line, and others, will all be running froyo in the next couple months. Im not entirely sure what the exact requirements are for gingerbread, but i’m guessing all of these, with the exception of the original droid due to its processor, will be getting a bump to the next step.

Now I’m a pretty big android fanboy, obviously, so I’m fairly sure that the Iphones days at the top spot are numbered, if not through better hardware, than through sheer numbers alone. Will Gingerbread be the update that dethrones the current king of the mobile world? Or will it be Froyo? I suppose only time will tell.