Ahhh, Linux, how I’ve missed you

5 09 2010

After a very long time without using Linux, I felt that itch again. I still have Ubuntu 10.4 as a dual boot on the computer, and it always seemed like everything Android related just works so much better on it. So that was that. Redo my whole Linux setup on the laptop.

It was actually more involved than I remember, but it all came to me pretty quickly. The main reason for using Linux was of course developing for Android, so getting the SDK and eclipse all set up was my first priority. The bad part? I was doing this all from a tethered Android phone.

Everyone knows that 3G isn’t the fastest connection around, but it’s by no means slow. At least not compared to dial-up I guess… Anyways, yeah, downloading all the sdk components was definitely excrutiating experience, but I survived.

It made me wonder though, how long until there’s a Java program that runs on an Android phone? Is it possible? It wuld be great to create apps and all rght there from your device. The screen would be small, and the text input would probably be iffy, but would it work?

So after that tangent, I’m happy to be back on Linux. Maybe I can actually focus and learn some Java, and maybe make some Android apps!