App review- ADWLauncher

31 07 2010




So first app up for review, ADWLauncher. As far as home replacements go, ADWLauncher is hard to beat. No other home replacement comes close to beating it as far as customization options. With the option to choose the dimensions of the home grid, you can take maximizing your home screen space as far as you want, up to an 8×8 grid. You could condense all the apps and widgets you use down to one homescreen if you wanted to. With the ability to customize your android home screen experience to cater to your needs, ADWLauncher can satisfy both minimalists and information sluts in ways no other home replacement can.

Now i’ve been using ADW since the .3 days or so, so i’ve had plenty of time to figure out what I like as far as screen setups. Adw was impressive on my OG droid, and now with my Droid X it seems even more impressive (more screen space to abuse I guess).  Since most android hardware manufacturers are leaning towards proprietary launcher setups, ADW can bring a little taste of pure android to any phone. I know in my experience, ADW blows away moto-not-blur in both looks and mechanics. Screen transitions are exponentially smoother, and are even configurable to the point of adjusting how much screen bounce you want between screens. It’s impressive to say the least, even if i could see the sheer number of tweaks you could do being a bit much for a more novice user.

One of the most compelling reasons to use ADWLauncher for me was the integrated dock bar at the bottom of the home screen. With space for tons of our most often used apps, it can save space and provide a cleaner ui. Add that with the ability to resize widgets, and you can pretty much make your home a true home away from… homescreen. ADWLauncher also has an option to save your homescreen configuration so that you don’t have to spend 20 minutes setting it back up if for some reason ok have to wipe our settings.

Another intriguing aspect of ADW that is fairly new is the theme options that arrived with version 1.0. You can download themes from the market to change the way ADWLauncher looks on the fly, with some already excellent themes being made not only by the creator of ADW but by other talented developers as well, thanks to the theme template on ADW’s github page.

Anyways, ADWLauncher is by far my personal favorite home replacement, and the commitment to open source development scores it some points too. Go check it out!