The Android Community

7 08 2010

Following technology for a number of years, one thing I’ve noticed is that communities are as important in the success of a particular platform are as important to its success as new versions of the operating system and upgraded hardware. Android is no different. Android happens to have one of the strongest communities I’ve seen in awhile. With resources like,, and all providing necessary information for what the core of the Android community needs. There’s also other vital members such as blogs like and their great podcasts, and providing a more informed community. These websites and others provide a great place to learn and socialize with people interested in the same topics.

Supporting these websites may seem like a given, but if not, it needs to be known that without them I don’t think this community would be near what it is today.

Developers. I’ve already had some words concerning supporting your developers, but I might as well say it again. Show them some support! Cyanogen, who has had a profound impact on the Android community, as well as all the app developers such as anderwebs, levelupstudios, stericson, ruqqq, and others all would appreciate any help you can give. Buy them a beer, buy them a keg. Do what you feel necessary to keep the community thriving.

Without a involved and interested community, any number of software or hardware improvements can’t help Android. If this platform is going to rule the smartphone roost, it’ll be on the backs of its users, not on the heels of its corporations.

Here is a list of websites I like to stay on top of in Android:
Xda developer forums
And most importantly, twitter, where you can talk to the people who make things happen.




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