2 08 2010

So there I was, downloading another app ( paid app pledge ftw), and I realized that I do this way too often. It all started for me on Android when I started to get deeper into the rooting scene, and seeing the time and dedication put into some of these free rooting apps. Apps that these people didn’t have to make to help out the community, nevermind not charging for it. Then there’s apps such as setCPU that, while there’s a nominal charge, provide a service the vast majority of root users are interested in. I mean if there was only one overclocking app, and that app was needed to overclock, then they could charge whatever thy wanted, and people would still have to pay.

Anyways, I’m getting past the point, supporting your devs not only supports them as developers, it supports the entire Android community. And without good devs and a thriving community, what good is an operating system?




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3 08 2010

My ENTIRE motivation behind

Couldn’t have said it better!

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